How to choose a movie for the evening?

Over the past six months, I have been asked this question very often. Since in the circle of friends I was known as a cinephile, it is not surprising that the question was asked to me, but, alas, I could not please with a quick and accurate answer. Therefore, I will write a short text.

The answer to the question “what to see” on Nonton Film Online will always be very vague, because the respondent simply does not represent the background of the questioner, does not know his mood, tastes and preferences. No matter how philosophical it may sound, only the one who asks the question knows the answer. And with this short article I will try to help you find the answer to the title question.

Classic cinema will always be a win-win because it's educational. This option is more suitable for those who plan to begin to understand the cinema. After all, most viewers do not think about where this or that scene in the film came from, although the author of the picture (if we are still talking about auteur cinema) lays down certain meanings, counting on the erudition of the viewer. Even in today's box office blockbusters, you can find some references to classic cinema. Learn more about how to read quotes, homages and allusions in this video:

But how do you know what is classic cinematography and what is not? I think that the best thing in this case would be to turn to professionals and take a list of films recommended for viewing.

But today it will be quite difficult for an ordinary viewer to force himself to watch a one and a half hour silent film by Murnau, Dreyer or Eisenstein, so I repeat once again that this option is only suitable for people interested in studying the history of cinema.