John Carter


John Carter, a retired military man from the United States, against his will, goes to Barsum (Mars). The hero is captured by the fighting inhabitants of the planet. Without suspecting it, the war-weary captain gets involved in a conflict between the cities of the natives. Civilization is in danger, the people are on the verge of enslavement. The independence of the population is in the hands of the protagonist. John Carter must save the city and the charming princess Deyu Thoris.

The film is based on the book by Edgar Rice Burroughs "Princess of Mars", the premiere of the picture took place 100 years later at nonton movie 21 online, after the writer published the first story about the adventures of the Martians. The film was directed by Andrew Stanon with the support of Disney Pictures. The main roles were played by Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins and others.

The picture allows you to fully experience the atmosphere of the red planet, enjoy the scenery, and plunge into the world of adventure together with the characters. In addition, motion capture animation was used in the production of the film, thanks to which the actors were able to look the most mythical way. The fantastic action movie John Carter is the result of many years of meticulous work. An interesting fact is that the Martian language was invented for the film. Its authors are linguists who previously worked on the Na'vi language in the movie Avatar and the Elvish language in The Lord of the Rings.