Wonder Woman 1984

The Amazonian Diana, who left her island, is in for another adventure. Wonder Woman has a new enemy in the shape of Cheetah, the catwoman that archaeologist Barbara Ann Minevra has become. The transformation was caused by a certain magical artifact that ended up in the hands of Minerva through the fault of the businessman Lord, who wants to gain unprecedented power and strength. Cheetah, blaming the Lord for his troubles, starts hunting for him.

Wonder Woman: 1984 is the ninth DC Comics superhero film in the DC Extended Universe. The film is a continuation of the fantasy action movie Wonder Woman, which appeared at the box office in nonton online. One of the screenwriters and director of the sequel, like the original, was Patty Jenkins, who became famous as a result of directorial work on her debut feature film Monster. In writing the script, she was accompanied by Geoff Johns, who adapted many comics, such as Smallville, Shazam, The Flash, as well as Dave Calaham, the author of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Godzilla.

The role of Diana Prince is still played by Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot, who became popular after the release of Fast and the Furious 4. Actor Chris Pine also returned to the sequel, playing the role of Diana's beloved man Steve Trevor, despite the fact that his character died at the end of the previous film.